Create your dream board

  • Frame
  • Field
  • Cover
  • Checkers-1
  • Checkers-2
  • Doubling Cube-1
  • Doubling Cube-2
  • Dice Pair-1
  • Dice Pair-2
  • Summary
1 750,00

     Production Time 10-12 Business Days.

      We bring to your attention our virtual constructor. Within minutes you can build your own board. To do this, you need to make a selection of all parts and accessories in accordance with your personal preferences. Please be aware that different monitors will display colors differently. This does not guarantee an absolutely exact match between the colors on the computer and in reality. Your own design gives you the opportunity to get a general idea of ​​your future board and the combination of different types of wood with different cover colors, designs of playing fields and accessories. We will do our best to produce the highest quality board for you. Remember, you are the designer and contributor to your board. We wish you success.