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     Welcome to Gamblicon.

Here you can create your custom backgammon boards or buy a Limited Edition ready-made deluxe backgammon board. Select from a large variety of exotic woods, numerous varieties of leather colors and a huge selection of design fields we make it easy and quick to build the board of your dreams. We guarantee your production of backgammon boards of the highest precision & quality. We are confident that your unique creation will be your pride & joy.

     Hello everyone. My name is Viktor Cheverda and I love to play backgammon. Years ago, when I took my first steps to learn this ancient game, I had no idea how tempting it would be and how it would eventually become my true passion. I started to observe experienced players in the game. While admiring their passion & skills at the same time, I wondered to myself why do they play on such primitive, aesthetically ugly and functionally inept backgammon boards.

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     This inner discontent constantly tormented me, and one day I asked two very strong players about it. In response to my questions, they told me that first, you need to at least learn how to play, and then, if you are so smart, create and build your own board, but do not criticize others! To be honest, my pride suffered a lot and I decided to make a board with my own hands and show that I am a real fan of this great game! I spent several months learning how to do this. After that, an opportunity arose for the practical implementation of my acquired new knowledge. My business partner's birthday Was approaching so I decided to give him a gift - a custom board.

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     To produce custom backgammon boards to my surprise took much longer than I expected. To be honest, I didn't have enough time to do this and was very upset about it. But with great determination and practice over time when the board was ready, I solemnly handed it over to my friend. I don't know who was happier - him or me! Everyone who saw this board was very surprised and gave me many nice words and great feedback overall.I decided that I would try to produce backgammon boards for those fans of the game who would like to have a very unique, custom board. This is how Project GAMBLICON was born. "Gamblicon" is a word that I invented myself, mixing the phrase "Icon of Gambling". My second backgammon board and all the next ones were pretty good productions and their current owners are still very happy.

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     The size and proportions of the board were developed by me after researching numerous sources & discussing with players on the forums, as well as polling all those with whom I was able to speak in person. When it come to manufacturing of board frames, I use only exotic woods, which are coated with special organic oils. For the production of the playing fields, I choose  a special 100% Polyester fabric after  trial testing more than a dozen different materials. The special field design and the brand logo in the middle of the field are characteristic of the Gamblicon backgammon boards. I also include only the highest quality checkers (made in Italy) and premium, balanced and numbered dice are certified for accuracy. 

I really hope that the Gamblicon board is seen as a true backgammon icon by those who own them.

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