Hello everybody. My name is Viktor Cheverda and I love to play backgammon. A couple of years ago, as I took the first steps to learn this ancient game, I had no idea how enticing it would be and how it would eventually become my passion. I started observing experienced players in the game. While admiring their game at the same time, I wondered why they play on such primitive, aesthetically ugly, and functionally uncomfortable boards.


This inner dissatisfaction constantly tormented me, and one day I asked two very strong players about it. In response to my questions, they told me that first, learn to at least play, and then if you're so smart, design a board yourself, but do not criticize others! Frankly, my pride was badly hurt, and I decided to make a board with my own hands and show that I am a real fan of this great game! I spent a few months studying how to do this. After that, there was an opportunity for the practical implementation of my acquired knowledge. My business partner’s birthday was approaching. I decided to make him a gift - a custom board.


Much to my surprise, the production took a lot longer than I expected.  Honestly, I did not have enough time to do it and was very upset about it.  But when the board was ready, I solemnly handed it over to my friend.   I do not know who was happier - him or me!  Everyone who saw this board was very surprised, and gave me a lot of pleasant words.  I decided that I would try to produce boards for those fans of the game who would like to possess a very unique, custom board.  Thus was born, the "GAMBLICON Project". "Gamblicon" is a word I invented myself, by mixing together the phrase "Icon of gambling." My second board was pretty good, and its current owner is very satisfied.


The size and proportions of the board were developed by me after studying numerous other boards, discussions with players in forums, and surveys of all of those with whom I was able to talk in person. For the manufacturing of frames, I only use exotic woods, which are covered in upholstery with special varnishes and oils. For the production of the field, I chose a special synthetic microfiber, after testing more than a dozen different materials.  The special field design and a brand logo in the middle of the field are a characteristic feature of Gamblicon boards. The highest quality checkers (made in Italy) and serial-numbered dice, certified for accuracy, are also included.  I really hope that the Gamblicon board is viewed as a true icon of backgammon, by those who own the boards.




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